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This is my personal homepage/blog build with emacs org-mode. Don't forget to check out the terminal and the fancy 3D mode on the left corner.

I like to code in general, create music, 3D art and games. I also have a high interest in many areas of physics and math which I will also write about here.

This whole site is build from a CI pipeline that invokes emacs on a archlinux container building the static content. The source code for this whole blog can be found at this github repository. If you want to correct anything or ask anything PR's are welcome!



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    Mattf's Homepage

    Author: Matheus Fillipe

    Creation Date: 2022-04-28 Thu 00:00

    Modified: 2023-03-12 Sun 18:27

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    Emacs 28.2 (Org mode 9.5.5)